Tips And Tricks When Visiting Niagara Falls

First time tourists hoping to see Niagara Falls up close should know what to expect. There are tips and tricks worth checking out especially from those who have tried the Niagara Falls boat ride and other experience in the area. Read on to know more so you will not miss a moment from the experience.

  • One of the top tips from those who have visited Niagara Falls before is to experience it while riding a cruise. You might not be impressed by its size from a distance but when you are under them you will be able to appreciate its full scale. Cruising under the falls gives perspective as to how beautiful and majestic the world is.
  • For frequent travelers to the falls, the best time to visit is at the beginning until the middle of May. This is the best time to witness all the snow and ice that have accumulated at the bottom of the falls which traveled from the Lake Erie. The view alone will make one think of an ice cream that is halfway to melting on a bright, sunny day.
  • Tourists are treated to a magnificent fireworks display during the holidays, every Friday and Saturday. While it is satisfying to watch from the ground, the best view is from the Skylon tower’s observation deck because it is eye level to the exploding fireworks.
  • To see both sides of the falls, some tourists tend to drive across which is not recommended. Plan the trip where you park your vehicle at the American side and then walk across using the Rainbow Bridge to get to the other side. This is the traffic-free route and will give you the best views. Crossing the bridge does not require any payment but there is customs checkpoint so you need to prepare your passport.
  • You may have to pay for a booking with Niagara Falls boat ride but aside from the tourism tax which is $2 per night for the hotel. Tourists won’t have any other fees to pay for therefore avoid getting scammed into paying any fee of some sort with out proof.

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