Tips For Being A Good Courier

Let’s face it, running a business is a competitive endeavour; not doing your best is a great way to make sure your business tanks. Couriers are no exception to the rule; demanding hard work, reliability, punctuality and professionalism to succeed.

If you want to be one of the best courier company in Melbourne or wherever you deliver, here’s some tips.

The price is right!

The first thing that any potential customer will considering when asking around for a courier company in Melbourne or anywhere else? The cost. They all look for what they’re going to get for their money, and consider a bit of extra cost in exchange for the guarantee of their stuff arriving safely on time. Hence, it’s up to you to consider your pricing; cheap enough to be competitive, but high enough to rake in a profit. You also want to be transparent with fees and costs; make it to the customer.

Administration rules

Make sure that, as a courier company, you take note of all details carefully; having a proper record of customer’s contact name, address, and telephone number, complete with signature for proof of delivery. Ensure that your invoices are not only clear and easy to understand with all of the job details, but also punctual. Make sure that they’re paid, don’t leave unpaid invoices around.

Professionalism is key

No good business is worthwhile without being professional. To be a successful courier, you need to be clean and presentable at all times and this should extend to any equipment your courier company is using. The inside should also be as good as the outside, which means the interior should be neatly arrange. A professional appearance isn’t too hard to get and works wonder for your image.

Communication is key

The customer wants to know as much about their package as they can. Hence, you want to be open to them, telling them when the consignment will be collected, if the goods are on the way, or if any problems or delays pop up. You need to be available to respond to any of the customer’s questions, as lack of communication is one of the biggest complaints against courier services.

Ready for anything

The mark of a true professional is adaptability; knowing how to react when things go wrong. No matter how good you run your business, you’ll run into problems. Things like major traffic delays and the like are outside your control, and things can go wrong. If you’re good and efficient, rarely will you face such issues, but if they do happen, deal with the matter calmly and responsibly; own up and prep to compensate.

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