Tips For Choosing The Right Courier

In a business, how you interact with your customers can determine a lot with regards to how they perceive your company. For certain companies, their courier’s contact with customers might be the primary, if not the only personal interact their customers have with them. As such, it is important to properly choose between courier companies to ensure that your customers are treated properly. Here are some tips.

  • Delivered on the dot
    • When the delivery is urgent, it’s marked as a VIP or Very Important Parcel. Thing is, VIPs range from small things like key paperwork such as legal documents, up to larger things, like medical equipment. The point of a VIP is that it needs to go where it needs to go right now, details like size, shape or number be damned. So when you set your stuff as VIP, are you certain that the courier company you’ve got running for you will deliver it as soon as possible?
  • No tracking, no problem
    • If your courier necessitates tracking for your parcels, it might be worth considering a new courier company. After all, if the one you have doesn’t feel trustworthy enough to be allowed to function with a simple e-mail notification system, then are they really reliable enough to deliver your parcels?
  • Bigger isn’t always better
    • The best courier company for you is one that is large enough and professional enough to handle your parcel needs with little, if any, issue, but is small enough or close enough to truly care about your parcels. When choosing among courier companies, find the right sized company; you don’t want your company to end up as mere statistics.
  • More than a deliveryman
    • As mentioned before, some companies are only able to interact on a personal level with their customers via their courier. See, a courier isn’t just a courier, they’re also an ambassador. For you and your company. So consider carefully when choosing a courier.
  • Cost NOT price
    • The real money issue in logistics is not just the pricing of a delivery, but what it actually costs in practice. Good logistics shouldn’t just save you money; it’s probably the least good logistics will do for you. Good logistics streamlines operations, relieves pressure from the higher ups, etc.

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