Tips For Handling Negative Online Reviews

Online reviews matter. Google said it themselves; noting that positive reviews and customer-business interaction help organically improve a business’ visibility online.

More importantly, however, online reviews affect real businesses, swaying customers towards or away from certain brands and businesses.

Of course, while reviews are powerful, they’re not always necessarily positive. Negative reviews are an inevitable part of doing business in the Internet Age, and it falls on the businesses to respond to them properly.

While it’s hard to take harsh criticism, ignoring negative online reviews can only lead to more trouble down the road. Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Act fast

If someone feels bad enough to drop a negative review on you, then that means they only recently dealt with your product or service.

That means you need to respond as quickly as possible, as they’ll be expecting that.

Reply carefully

Reviews need to be appreciated for their value, good or bad. Feedback is good, especially when it’s negative.

That means that, when someone hits you with a negative review, you take into account their side of the fence when replying, answering in an honest and thoughtful manner. Don’t just shelve the negative review; think about what it means and how you can improve the business.

Don’t take it personally

Communicating with the customer when they drop a negative review is important, but remember not to take things personally.

You’re running a business, act like it. If someone drops negative king kong agency reviews, for example, notice how the associated organizations respond professionally. Even if the customer isn’t acting properly, acting unprofessionally is not something you do.

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