Tips From Top Athletes To Be The Best In What You Do

Doing what you love and excelling from it is the best feeling in the world. In order to do this, one must take motivation from the best people in the world to set their standard higher. According to science, those who are the best in what they do regardless of the industry or field have actually many things in common from the mind-set to their routines. For athletes, they need the best personal trainer in Wakerley to help them achieve their goals. For you to do the same here are a few tips from the best athletes in the planet.

According to Nic Lamb, an international champion for big wave surfing, going out of one’s comfort zone is important. Based on research, pushing one’s self physically to the point of being uncomfortable actually helps in training to be capable of something we are not used to. At the end of the day, when you go against your body and mind and fight something that is uncomfortable, eventually you will learn how to accept challenges and pressure and be comfortable with it.

Often times, athletes are so focused on their big goals that they forget to appreciate the process in reaching those goals. When one’s mind is intent on overcoming the process ahead, their attention is shifted on the steps to move forward rather than the end result alone. As soon as you forget to judge based on whether you have reached your goal or not, you will try to analyse more if you did the process right.

Progressive overload is one concept found in exercise science which refers to the growth acquired by progressive challenges. This is done by having hard days, easy days, intense days and days to recover. It is important to repeat these and be consistent. One cannot reach the goal overnight but it takes month to years of practice before accomplishing the desired result.

It pays to be optimistic but a personal trainer in Wakerley says that it is also best to anticipate trying and failing. Optimism oftentimes makes us complacent while preparing for failures gives us the edge in being fully aware.

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