Tips In Choosing Bathroom Tiles For Your Home

If you choose the right tiles for your bathroom, you can make it look fantastic. However, if you’re building a new home, there are so many things to consider and choosing bathroom tiles may be the last on what you have in mind. The tiles can come in variety of design and colour schemes, and you can even choose between ceramic or porcelain. But where should you start? You need to allocate more time in choosing the tiles that best suit your bathroom. Here are five tips in selecting the right bathroom tile:

  • Schedule Some Time: You need about an hour to choose the best bathroom tiles for your home. You can either check online or offline for options. If you go online, you’ll find a variety of tiles that feature the latest trends, designs and colours. The selection can be overwhelming, but you can always ask an expert for advice. Choose something that complement the fixtures in your bathroom.


  • Do Some Research: If you have chosen a tile, stick to one colour scheme. Bring in some pictures for the styles you prefer to choose. What brings in an amazing bathroom are usually those coloured grey or brown. Choose colours that really enhance the look of your bathroom and unveil the type of personality and style you have.


  • Make Your Bathroom Look Large: If you put larger bathroom tiles on the wall, you create an illusion that your bathroom is bigger. Make good choices for the wall tiles and if you opt for bigger ones, it means lesser grout to clean. When choosing the grout, go for lighter colours to make it stand out.


  • Black and White: If you choose dark coloured tiles especially in your kids’ bathrooms, it cannot hide the dirt that your children make. Even with white tiles, you really need to clean the tiles to make it look neat and clean. Go for colours that go in between. Choose grey toned tiles and combine it with white walls, as they never go outdated.


  • Contrast Your Rooms: Choose bathroom tiles that contrast the main floor tiling. This will differentiate the bathroom from the main parts of your house. You don’t need to choose the same tiles for the entire house as it will look strange. Go for contrasting colours, that highlight the various rooms of the house.

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