Tips In Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Either you are building your dream home or renovating your current one, choosing the flooring material is basic and also a very important one. In recent years, hardwood timber flooring in Sydney is getting a lot of attention because of its aesthetics, low maintenance and durable. If you are not sure yet about the type of hardwood flooring you want for your home, it is best to do some research to see other options.

For hardwood flooring, you can choose to have a solid one or engineered flooring. Solid hardwood flooring means using thick planks which are more expensive compared to the engineered flooring which are thinner but more stable as it has been bonded to various layers to make sure that the material does not contract and expand regardless of the environmental factors. Solid flooring needs a few layer of plywood at the bottom, which could reduce the height of the ceiling. Engineered flooring, however, has thin layers that for some it is not possible to perform floor sanding and refinishing a few years later.

Hardwood floors can either be site finish or prefinished. Site finish means that the planks arrive at the location raw and needs to be installed first before it can undergo finishing. Prefinished hardwoods are those that come into the location with finished stain and topcoat which means that the homeowners know what the end result of the planks will be. On-site finishing makes it possible for homeowners to customize the sheen and stain they desire which will complement the overall interior.

Another thing to consider with hardwood flooring is the type of finish – prefinished UV-cured urethane, oil-like hybrids, site-finish polyuretahnes and penetrating oil among many others. To make decision making easier, finishes are categorized into two, polyurethane and oil. Oil gives the wood a matte and soft finish while polyurethane give the wood a hard topcoat protecting it from damages as well as stains.

Lastly, the wood type should be considered. Ask professionals about the advantages and disadvantages of different hardwood timber flooring in Sydney before deciding on the final wood you want to use. There are many options to choose from such as red oak, white oak, walnut, maple, hickory, cherry and ash.

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