Tips In Improving Your Skills In Package Design

We’d like to thank Paper Mart Boxes for contributing this article. Not every packaging design is chosen and the best of them you will see displayed on the supermarket shelves around the globe. Creativity may take you a long way but it is not the only thing you will need in order to create a package design worth manufacturing. Here are some tips to help you improve your packaging design skills by improving your workflow for a more efficient and successful design process.

– When accepting a job, make sure that the client has given you all the specific details before you start. You should also have the right cutter guide – with the right size, contains all the specific folds, trim and bleed, any glue and seal areas are properly indicated and clearly shows the barcode’s location. You must make sure that all is perfect before starting out so you won’t encounter any problems later on.

– If you are going to make the cutter guide following the client’s specifications, make sure that your design is approved by the client. Don’t forget to involve the printer and have your design check if it is possible to be printed. Failure to do so might result in discrepancy with the cutter guide and you will have to do some necessary changes which could have been prevented from the beginning.

– Using your Illustrator software, you will be able to visualize the packaging design you made by using its 3D Revolve feature. To do this all you need to do is select the design you made, go to Effect, choose 3D and click on Revolve. A preview box will appear where you can tick the box then watch as Illustrator makes 3D of the object you chose.

– Illustrator also boasts a Symbols function which is helpful for designers. Symbols are saved elements of your design which you can access easily and reuse without having to copy and paste anything.

– If you want to know what you final product design will look like then you should use the Map Symbols feature. This tool will help you preview your label design.

– If you want to invest on a plug in for your Ilustrator then FoldUP! 3D is your best bet. It is quite expensive but really helpful visualizing your final packaging design.

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