Tips On How To Choose Engagement Jewellery For The Future Fiancée

You are about to propose marriage to the woman of your dreams. You want to choose an engagement ring that she will love and cherish. You want it to be a surprise but you do not know how to shop for engagement jewellery.

  1. What does your future fiancée like? Take into account the shape of the stone because it is actual geometry as opposed to cut which is associated to the angles of the facets in the stone.
  2. Always checkout the settings, which is the metal framework where the stone is mounted. The setting sets the tone for the ring. For example, if you prefer a classic round stone, it can get a modern makeover through a bezel setting. A trendy oval ring will look more traditional when a 4-prong setting is used.
  3. Many modern couples shop for an engagement together. However, if you want the engagement ring to be a surprise, make sure to spy on her taste and preferences. Pay attention to the type of jewellery that she favours. Does she prefer yellow-gold rings to platinum-silver options? Does she wear simple classic pieces instead of vintage jewellery?
  4. You can ask a sibling or close friend for your girlfriend’s preferences but make sure to swear them to secrecy. Don’t forget to ask for the ring size so that the ring will be an exact fit on her finger.
  5. Gold is not only the only metal used for engagement jewellery. You can opt for platinum that is extremely durable and suitable for those with sensitive skins. If gold is still your preference, remember that gold comes in a variety of colours – white gold, yellow gold and rose gold.
  6. Be careful in choosing stones because it will account for a better part of your budget. Consider your loved one’s preferences so that you do not make a mistake.

Choosing engagement rings in Melbourne can be pretty exciting. There are different styles and designs to choose from because they want their customer’s dreams to be fulfilled. Apart from quality, the engagement rings are made with exceptional craftsmanship to make it highly unique from others.

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