Tips To Ensure That The Towing Adventure Goes Smoothly And Safely

Towing should never be taken lightly even if you have been hauling large trailers for years. If you are planning the first family vacation with a small travel trailer, make sure that you have the right trailer hitch for towing safety. There are different types of curt hitches you can choose from according to possible load sizes and maximum weight requirements of your trailer.

A driver needs a set of skills to pull a trailer behind the vehicle. Safety can be compromised if you forget one critical element in the process of hitching and unhitching a trailer from a tow vehicle. It is important to consult the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrator’s trailer towing guide so that the family vacation will go smoothly and safely.

Some vehicles have factory-installed tow hitches. If your vehicle does not include a trailer hitch, you can consult with a professional to find the right hitch for the vehicle. According to David Bennett, AAA repair systems management, trailer hitches must be connected to the tow vehicle’s frame and not on bumper.

Kent Sundling, founder of warns that the ball on the tow hitch must be of the same size as the coupler on your trailer. The number one cause of traffic accidents is incorrectly sized hitch balls. There are three sizes of hitch balls: 1 7/8 inches, 2 inches and 2 5/16 inches. Always make sure to choose the right size.

It makes sense to check the tire pressure on the pickup truck but do not forget the tires on the trailer. If the trailer has not been used for moths, it is very likely for the trailer tires to have dry rot and cracking. Even if the trailer tires appear to have plenty of tread, they can age overtime leading to tire failure. Higher pressure is usually required on the tow vehicle’s tires because towing will cause additional stress.

Choosing from different curt hitches will depend on the vehicle type, vehicle’s weight capacity and the physical strength of the hitch structure. It is important to buy smart and choose the well tested and reliable brands to ensure safe towing situations.

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