Tips When Teaching English Overseas


If you are planning to live in a non-English speaking country for awhile, there is a way in order to earn a salary while living there for a few years and that is to teach English. Here are some tips on how you can start teaching English abroad.

  • Remember that anyone can teach English abroad. This is because in some countries there are no set requirements for teaching English as long as you are a native speaker or very fluent. It is not required to have a background in education or an experience in teaching. It is also not requirement that one should have knowledge of the foreign language where they will be teaching. Experiences in traveling abroad are also not a requirement. There are many countries that allow foreigners to teach English even without a college degree. The standard and prerequisite may differ from country to country so know what countries you will be able to teach English.
  • Before you finalize your plan to move into another country to teach English, make sure that you have done your research. Get to know everything about the country – salary, way of living, time commitments and what opportunities and experiences await for you there.
  • Many countries may not require you to have a college degree nor an experience in teaching but one important requirement before you can teach English overseas is to pass the TEFL exam to be certified as an English teacher.
  • You have an option to apply with job placement assistance or to do things on your own. With an organized program, they will process everything for you and in some programs you don’t have to pay any job placement fee. If a certain job assistance program is asking you for hundreds of dollars just to be hired then you might want to check other options. There are thousands of job listings online that you could apply for it yourself.
  • Different countries have different procedures when it comes to conducting interviews as well as hiring English teachers. Make sure to know the hiring season for the country you want to start teaching English overseas.

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