Useful Tips On How To Eliminate The Vulnerabilities Of Doors And Windows

Ensuring good security in the home does not cost a fortune. More money is spent purchasing smart devices and electronics than security screens in Perth that minimizes the likelihood of forced entry. Many brands offer security doors that are constructed from marine-grade stainless steel with the good looks that complement the home’s interior design.

Security doors are the home’s first line of defense. If you think that the access door is not secured enough, you should probably consider changing them ASAP. Doors are usually made from materials like fiberglass, solid wood, solid wood core or metal. If the doors are hollow, they can be very vulnerable to burglars and should be replaced with solid exterior doors.

Another point of vulnerability is the windows. Even if you have a security door, your home remains defenseless if the windows are not secured. Window grilles have been used for decades to provide a physical barrier against intruders. To make sure that the visual aesthetics of the home is not compromised, choose window grilles with orate designs. Installation, however, must be handled by professionals.

In 2015, FBI reported that 1.6 million burglaries occurred in the United States and 58% were the result of forced entry. Point of access was unsecured doors and windows. Homeowners can protect their homes by using the traditional shutters that provides a physical barrier and a visual deterrent to unauthorized persons. Shutters are effective but they should be custom built for enhanced security.

Forced entry cannot be prevented by using standard spring-loaded locks that can easily be unlocked using a bobby pin or some other item. Aside from security screen doors, security can be maximized through deadbolts that can only be opened with a key. Reinforcing hardware can also stop burglars from breaking a door through a well-placed kick or a body slam.

Superior strength and good looks are the major characteristics of security screens in Perth, Australia. The screen comes in a wide variety of colors to complement the home’s décor. Security screens are the best barrier against burglars and minimize the likelihood of a forced entry. They can be custom built to suit every kind of door or window.


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