Useful Tips To Avoid Becoming A Victim Of Assault

If you are accused of assault, take the accusations seriously by hiring an assault lawyer for legal representation. You can choose from the lawyers at who have handled high profile cases of assault. If you are wrongfully accused, respond quickly and efficiently through your lawyer to clear your name the soonest time possible.

It only takes a few seconds for a criminal to select his next victim to assault, rob or kidnap. However, the predator has two biggest fears – getting caught and getting hurt. This knowledge will encourage you to fight back, create a scene or call for help at the top of voice. It is very likely for the predator to assess the situation because he wants to avoid the risk of getting hurt and getting caught by the police.

How do assailants pick their next victim? Predators usually choose a victim that they can control and overpower. The choices are not based on gender, race or age but basic movements that people make like the length of their stride, how they move the feet, how the body weight shifts and whether the arms swing while walking.

Different body movements are often interpreted as signs of vulnerability, unease or uncertainty. To avoid becoming a victim of assault, modify your walking pattern to project difficulty of being subdued. Change your behavior into a hard target or someone who will cause a scene.

Forceful, dynamic steps are signs of assertiveness and confidence. People who are categorized as difficult to assault have medium stride lengths compared to their body weight. Walk effortlessly in a natural way and swing the feet in a fluid motion to avoid being picked as a victim.

Walk with the chin up, body straight and shoulders back while looking around and taking in the surroundings. Walk in the same pace as other pedestrians or slightly faster so as not to draw attention to yourself.

People who are accused of assault, whether or not they are guilty of the crime have the right to hire an assault lawyer for their defence. It is very likely for the accused to hire the best lawyer to avoid a conviction particularly if he did not commit the crime.

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