Useful Tips To Homeowners To Prevent Pest Infestation

Pests are creepy. Everyone agrees that they should be prevented from invading the home. Can you imagine the home with cockroaches crawling on the walls or rodents hiding inside the kitchen cabinets and under the sinks? The typical solution is the use of insecticides and rat poison but they are often ineffective. Proper control of pests can be provided by professional exterminators.

There are many different types of pests and most of them cause serious illnesses. Homeowners make the effort to clean their homes to avoid pest infestation but sometimes it is difficult to keep the home pest-free. People must be aware that there are preventive steps that can be undertaken to prevent pests from entering the property.

Preventive measures include closing all cracks and gaps in windows and doors to prevent pest access. If the windows have screens, there must be no holes or loose wires. If there are young kids, an automatic door closer can be installed. Another option is the installation of a door sweep to close any entry points for bugs and mice.

Yards must be cleaned and maintained to control mosquito populations. Stagnant or pooled water must be removed to prevent the breeding of dengue-carrying mosquitoes. If the yard is well aerated, the soil will absorb rainwater easily.

Gutters and drains must be cleaned and repaired to prevent them from being the access point to pests. Rotted boards and loose panels must be repaired because rats and squirrels will search for the soft spots to gnaw so that they can enter the home.

Pests can easily enter through utility openings. Utility entry points must be checked for cracks. Any openings must be sealed with caulk or polyurethane foam. Openings can also be reinforced by using steel wool or mesh that can deter insects and rodents. Fine wire mesh can also be used to cover vents.

If you notice signs of pest infestation, call Exterminators Now Bolinas immediately. Do not ignore the signs because you might be compromising your family’s health and safety. Pests like bed bugs and red ants are usually very small and hard to detect; however, their bites are dangerous.

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