What To Do When Gallons Of Water Are Gushing From Your Broken Pipe

Why do emergency problems usually occur when least expected? Burst pipes are a good example because it can happen anytime. Your ability to deal and react to the emergency situation will determine the amount of damages that you will incur. If you panic and run around the house while water is gushing from the broken pipe, the more damages that you will likely face. It is vital to stay calm and stop the panic as it will certainly worsen the situation.

While it may seem impossible to stop gallons of water gushing out of a pipe, being quick with a decision can mitigate the amount of damages. However, to be able to do this, it is important to know where your shutoff valves are located. The most common places where plumbers put the shutoff valves are under the kitchen sink or the airing cupboard.

However, there is another quick solution that many people do not know off. Turn the cold water taps on so that all the remaining water in the system can be removed in a safe manner. Before you turn on the hot water taps, make sure that the water heater has been turned off so that water will be safely drained away. Make sure though that you have shut off the water supply coming from the mains.

Make sure to turn your electrical system off because it can be dangerous if a part of it has come into contact with water. Do not be tempted to use any electrical appliance while the plumber is still on his way. A burst pipe can be stressing but the situation must be resolved with the least stress and a minimum fuss.

Richards Plumbing Services is ready to respond to your emergency call for assistance but it would be better if common leaks are stopped in time before the pipe bursts. One common type of leak is a bathroom leak that may seem too minor but when water seeps into the sub-floor, the damages can be extensive. There are pipes hidden behind your walls; Turn off all the faucets and check your water meter. If the dial is still moving, then you’ve got a leak.

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