What To Expect From A Similan Island Liveaboard

Liveaboarding is more like a cruise ship trip. The only difference is that liveaboarding offers diving as part of its highlights while cruise ship trips do not.  Another difference is that, liveaboarding uses relatively smaller sea crafts compared to the gargantuan ships used in luxury cruise trips. Because Similan Island Liveaboard generally uses smaller sea crafts such as houseboats, yachts or sailboats, they can easily dock in small exotic islands for some island hopping and beach stop-overs. Apart from this, guests can enjoy a semi-exclusive party and socialization with other divers because a single boat only takes in 12-24 guests per trip. You can even arrange for a trip to be exclusively taken by you and your peer divers. This way, you get to experience liveaboarding privately and free from strangers. However, for those who want to broaden their connection and would want to meet new friends, a mixed trip would be suitable for them.

A trip can go anywhere from 2 to 9 days and it usually involves night dives. Anyone who has the penchant for diving can go for a Similan Island Liveaboard. Even those who do not have a diving experience can enjoy diving since basic diving lessons by experts are also offered during the trips. Those who want to go with the excursion but do not want to go on scuba diving can still take liveaboarding trips because there are other things one can do while on board. These activities include having BBQ by the beach, reading on sun decks during afternoons and enjoying some cocktail drinks at night, among others.

Every trip includes practically all you need to survive and enjoy Similan Island Liveaboard. Every package includes accommodation which varies depending on the package you opted. There are packages for private air-conditioned decks with linens and private bath while there are also shared air conditioned decks with linens and shared bath. Authentic local cuisine is also a staple in every trip. Diving gears and wet suits is also included in the package and the usual transfer to and from the boat.



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