When To Clean Your Drains

It is common for a household to experience at least one plumbing problem. Though there are various repairs that can be done, preventive maintenance is more important because it can lessen the severity of the plumbing repair that needs to be done which can cost a lot of money. One of the best ways to ensure plumbing problems are prevented is by performing regular maintenance of your drainage system. Here are some cases wherein drain cleaning is necessary:

  • If the drain is draining slower than usual then it is best not to ignore it. You might reason out that it is still function when it is not as efficient as before. If you ignore it for quite a while, it may still be working but after a few days or a few weeks, it might not drain at all. If the drain is draining slower then it means there are underlying problems such as clog, grease and mineral buildup inside the piping system as well as your drainage system might have been graded improperly. Waiting it out and hoping it will resolve on its own will only make matter worse and you might end up paying more for cleaning.
  • If you detected a bad smell coming from your drains and you know that your house has a connection to the sewer line of your town or municipality then there is a problem with the drainage system. This problem can be serious and proper action should be done as soon as possible. Another reason why your drain emits foul odor may be because there has been a buildup of pollutants inside your pipes. In this case, you will have to call the professional drain cleaners in your area.
  • There are drains inside the house that tends to clog more often such as the tubs and bathroom sinks. This is because of the soap residue and strands of hair that gets into it. According to our friend Paul Richards, it is advisable to hire professional drain cleaners to remove all clogs deep inside the pipes with the use of professional cleaning tools.

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