Why Air Filters Have To Be Replaced Regularly

One of the more popular products from Automotive Stuff is the air filter because it is a car accessory that can be compromised by dirt and dust. I am not really surprised when people come to the store asking for an oil change when in fact all that they need is an air filter. Why is it very important to have an air filter that it is clean?

The internal combustion engine requires both fuel and air to operate properly. Without air, gasoline or diesel fuels cannot burn to provide the energy that the engine needs. Before air enters the engine, it must be cleaned from dirt, dust and debris accumulates otherwise it will result into poor engine performance. If dirt and dust are allowed to stay on the engine, they can rub on some essential engine metal parts that cause wear and eventually replacement. Replacing the air filter regularly is less expensive than replacing the metal parts of the engine.

Modern engines are dependent on precise air to fuel ratio to function properly. Once the engine is deprived of air, the ratio is compromised putting more stress on the engine. If the air filter is clean, it will allow just the right amount of air into the car engine. All dirt will be trapped efficiently to remove the risks of harming the metal parts of the engine.

How often should air filters be changed? If you had an oil change and the technician tells you that the air filters also need to be replaced, do so immediately. Rule of thumb requires the air filter to be replaced every 8,000 miles; however, this can vary based on the frequency of driving and the current conditions in the area. For example, if there is road construction in the area where you always drive by, the air filter will have to be replaced more frequently.

It is also suggested to check the owner’s manual that establishes the best schedule of undertaking an air filter change. If you do not have enough time, you can simply access Automotive Stuff online for different types and brands of air filters. You only need to provide the make and model of your car including the year it was manufactured.

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