Why Are Online Reviews Important?

Digital marketing has become the key marketing strategy for a lot of businesses in today’s internet age. But word of mouth is still a powerful tool for getting attention for a company or brand. That good reviews are considered so important speaks volume. Thanks to the internet connecting people, even across oceans, it’s now easier than ever for a customer to share their experiences.

Simply put, online reviews are just another iteration; the latest, of word of mouth marketing. And like any form of advertising, they matter. If you don’t really get that, don’t worry, this should help clear things up, even if only a little.

The importance of online reviews


Online reviews are really easy to find. All people need to do is type in a couple of words, like King Kong SEO reviews, into the search engine of their choice. Even mobile apps and social media sites like Facebook have their own review features, allowing for easy lead generation.


Most of the time, when someone looks up a business or a specific service that they want, they’ll get reviews of local businesses before they even click on a link, with the occasional snippet from customer reviews. This is particular notable with Google, but important for all search engines, as it makes for great impressions and easy finds.

Online reviews and your business

More than just generating positive info about your business, online reviews also do other things that help benefit your business, namely…


SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is very desirable for any business operating online; there’s a reason companies put a lot of stock into King Kong SEO reviews and the like. Simply put, better SEO means the closer your links are to the first page of search engines. Popular online review sites like Yelp have a lot of clout on the internet, so any business that gets good word in from them has a good chance to end up in a good spot in search engine results.

Even if the company’s page doesn’t manage to rank with its SEO, good reviews can still get your company into the first pages of a search.

Influencing buyers

Review sites have evolved, and now they use a wide range of data from several sources to give customers as much of an idea about a company’s quality as possible. Heck, some people trust them more than professional critics.  Prospects look at ratings, the number of reviews, business info, then see the individual reviews. Simply put, all those good reviews can help prop your business up. All those bad ones? They can do a number on you.

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