Why Choose A Vietnam Mountain Resort?

When you hear the term “mountain resort”, what does it mean to you? To make it simple, a mountain resort is indeed, a resort that is built on a mountain. What differentiates a mountain resort from the other kinds of resorts like the ones we usually in the beach? Aside from its being placed on top of a mountain, a good mountain resort offer various activities which guests can enjoy while taking their vacation. A mountain resort is basically big compound with many facilities and places to visit aside from the hotel itself. Most of the world’s best mountain resorts are found in the United States and in some parts of Europe where there is a winter season. But, did you know that there are a few countries in Asia that have a winter season? Aside from Japan, there is a small portion of Vietnam which experiences winter, too. And when there’s a winter season in a mountainous place, it’s almost sure that you can find a decent mountain resort in the area. Fortunately, there is a Vietnam mountain resort waiting for you in case you are planning to take a vacation in the port city of Danang in Vietnam.

Danang is a port city to begin with and yes, it’s one of Vietnam’s crown jewels in terms of tourist destinations. It’s home to Vietnam’s sandy beachlines. Aside from the beach resorts, the city of Danang is also home to a Vietnam mountain resort called, Bana Hills. Now, you’re probably asking yourself why you should choose to stay at a mountain resort. To help you out, below are some of the things you and your family can enjoy while staying at a mountain resort not just in Vietnam:

  • Most mountain resorts in the world have spas inside. This is to allow maximum relaxation which is perfect especially when it’s winter. It allows vacationists to heal their body and soul.
  • After a long skiing activity, you may want to feel warm. Mountain resorts have individual fireplaces in the guests’ room which are perfect to get warm while drinking a cup of hot tea or nicely-brewed coffee.
  • Some mountain resorts offer free maintenance and housekeeping services even while you are at the resort. This will make the guests worry less about having to clean up. They can simply relax and enjoy their vacation to the fullest.

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