Why Illegal Dumping Has Become A Habit Among People

Some countries have managed to succeed with their solid waste management programs while others are still grappling with their waste. It is important for people to be responsible with their solid waste and not wait for the government to do the task. If there are refrigerators or washing machines in the backyard that have reached the end of their usable life, same day junk removal can easily address the problem.

It is common to see huge piles of garbage, old household items, construction debris and used products on road sides, in forests and areas that are not designated for dumping. As this trend continues to rise, it becomes a serious problem that affects a community’s goal of having a clean environment.

According to environmental protection agencies, this improper practice is considered as illegal dumping. It is unlawful because of the harm it causes the environment. There are officially designated areas with an integrated waste management system which can be used for dumping. However, people continue to defy the law and throw trash anywhere.

According to studies, the higher level of overall waste production is the result of increase in income, rapid changes in preferences and growing population. People are also becoming more consumer-oriented. People prefer to search for new and better products instead of being creative with their old stuff. Old devices and gadgets are thrown away including used appliances which increases illegal dumping.

The habit of disposing stuff anywhere is associated with the avoidance to pay junk removal fees. People who engage in illegal dumping assume the waste collection fees are exorbitant. Instead of using the right channels to dispose of trash, people dump their trash in remote locations. Computer monitors and television are some of the most common stuff found in illegal dumpsites because of restrictions and cost of disposal.

Some people are aware of the bad effects of illegal dumping but they do not see the need to recycle stuff or follow the proper channel for waste disposal. They know that the act is unlawful so that they make efforts to avoid detection and prosecution. Old appliances and furniture can easily be recycled and reused once they are properly disposed off.

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