Why The Andaman Sea Is A Favourite Destination Of Scuba Divers

Why should you choose a scuba instructor course in Thailand when you can complete the training in another part of the world? First of all, Thailand offers an environment that is perfect for the vibrant diver industry. Aside from 4-week internship on the Similan Island liveaboard fleet, you learn about reef ecology, dive equipment and emergency procedures.

One of world’s most famous diving destinations is the Similan Islands which is located 84 kilometres off the busy island of Phuket. The protected waters of the Andaman Sea contain a vast array of aquatic life including colourful reefs and large pelagic animals that live in the open sea.

There are three national parks that include Mu Ko Lanta, Hat Chao Mai and Mu Ko Similan. Some of the islands were severely ravaged by the tsunami in 2004 due to an Indian Ocean earthquake with a magnitude of 9. Most of the islands are uninhabited but scuba divers are not there to interact with humans. They want to watch the flying fishes leap into the air and crash back into the water.

As you pull on your wet suits, you will be enthralled by the deep blue waters; however, watch out for the occasional mantra ray or whale shark. If you have not scuba dive in a while, the underwater might feel a bit unfamiliar. The water is warm and the current gentle so that you will not consume too much air.

The water is so clear that you can see the colourful sea slugs clinging to the rocks and the clownfish that are nestled in the anemones. There are also the lion fishes with spikes sticking out like porcupines while patrolling their territories. For lunch you can disembark on an uninhabited white beach where hermit crabs have left crisscrossed tracks in the sand.

After completing scuba instructor course in Thailand, you will be paid for a work that you love to do. You have unlimited opportunities to enjoy the world under the waters and share the experience with other people who are passionate about scuba diving. As a scuba instructor, you can spot and correct problems, teach them the right techniques and how to maintain a proper attitude throughout the activity.

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