Why You Should Stay In Service Apartment In Bangkok

There are many different types of accommodations travellers can choose when vacationing including hotels, resorts, condo units, lodges and service apartment. When travelling to Thailand, the options are endless but demand for service apartment in Bangkok is now increasing because of its many advantages. In the past few years, service apartments are gaining popularity especially among millennials who are always travelling. The following are the advantages of staying in service apartments.

  • Lots of space. Compared to a hotel room, service apartments is more spacious. In average, the space is 30 per cent bigger. If you are the type of traveller who prefer bigger spaces similar to a regular home, service apartment is recommended especially if you are going to holiday with the whole family.
  • Safe and secure. If you are worried about security or wanted to ensure the safety of the entire family while on a trip, service apartments are equipped with electronic surveillance that operates 24 hours, a fire-fighting system as well as armed security that monitors the apartment buildings all the time.
  • Just like hotels, service apartments also have concierge facilities to make sure that guests enjoy their stay in the area. it can help them book tours, tickets to attractions and arrange flight tickets.
  • This is one of the top reasons why travellers book service apartments. They can have privacy within their apartment because it already comes with its own bedroom, kitchen, dining space and living area, bathroom while some even has its own balcony. You don’t have to eat out all the time especially if you are traveling with kids and you can invite guests without worrying about space.
  • Guests are able to enjoy the best of both worlds with service apartments because it provides a homely vibe while enjoying facilities similar to that of a hotel or a resort. Service apartments come with housekeeping services in order to maintain the cleanliness of your space.
  • The best thing about service apartment in Bangkok compared to hotels or resorts is that it is more affordable. The charge is for every apartment unit and not for every guest checked in.

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